CIBERNED governing bodies are the Governing Council, the Permanent Commission and the Scientific Director.

The Governing Council, the highest body of CIBERNED, consists of three representatives of the Carlos III Health Institute, that include the legal representative of the collaborating organization, the Foundation for Research in Neurological Diseases (CIEN) and one representative from each of the institutions participating in the consortium.

The President of the Executive Council is the Director of the Carlos III Health Institute.

The Secretary of the Governing Council will be the Manager of the consortium

The Scientific Director and Manager of CIBERNED are also part of the Governing Council, without a right to vote.

The Standing Committee is composed of the Vice President of the Executive Council or his delegate, and four members representing the consortium institutions in the Governing Council.

The Scientific Director of the consortium and the Manager, who acts as secretary, are also part of the Permanent Commission, without a right to vote.

The Scientific Director is appointed by the President of the Governing Council for a period of four years, renewable by agreement of the parties. The current Scientific Director of CIBERNED is Dr. Jesús Avila de Grado.

CIBERNED Management is entrusted to the Managing Director of the Foundation CIEN, Ms. María Ángeles Pérez Muñoz.

Support and advisory bodies to the organs of government:

  1. The Steering Committee
  2. The External Scientific Advisory Committee

The Steering Committee consists of:

Dr. Jesús Ávila de Grado – Scientific Director

Ms. María Ángeles Pérez Muñoz – Manager

Dr. Miguel Medina Padilla – Deputy Scientific Director

and the Program coordinators:

  • Dr. Eduardo Tolosa Sarro
  • Dr. Albert Lleó Bisa
  • Dr. Adolfo López de Munaín
  • Dr. José Javier Lucas Lozano
  • Dr. Teresa Iglesias Vacas
  • Dr. Rafael Fernández-Chacón
  • Dr. Isabel Fariñas Gómez