General manager: Ms. María Ángeles Pérez Muñoz

María Ángeles Pérez Muñoz

Ms María Ángeles Pérez, CIBERNED’S General Manager since 2009, contributes her rich expertise to the position. She holds a bachelor degree in Law, specialized in Labor Law, and a Master in R&D Management in Health Sciences. One of the priorities of her administration is focused on boosting cohesion and team coordination to promote research of excellence in the field of neurodegenerative diseases in Spain.

As her career is linked to the field of labor relations, she advocates for the promotion of the creation of synergies and points of contact between research teams and various private entities, understanding that the development and realization of potential treatments such as technology applied to the diagnosis, prevention and / or curbing of neurodegenerative diseases must be carried out through the teamwork between both actors.

Following the footsteps of her predecessor, she defends the establishment of a model for translational research.

As General Manager of the CIEN Foundation, she is also been responsible for CIBERNED management since May 2009.

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