The Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Carlos III Health Institute) is a Public Research Organisation, one of whose functions stated in Article 18 of its Statutes is to coordinate, evaluate, follow-up, improve and manage network research structures from the Thematic Networks for Collaborative Research in the National Health System, in connection with all other agents in the National Science and Technology System. For this purpose, the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs passed the Order SCO/806/2006, by which the regulatory basis for granting financial aid aimed at funding stable structures for collaborative research in the Biomedicine and Health Sciences area was approved, within the framework of the Ingenio 2010 initiative, Consolider Program, CIBER Actions (BOE of 21st March, 2006), funded as part of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III's budget. In general, the goals for actions eligible for benefiting from these aids, whose fundamentals are approved by this order, are the following:

  • To promote research excellence in Biomedicine and Health Sciences that is carried out in the National Health System and the National Science and Technology System, by means of developing and improving stable structures for Collaborative Research.

  • To promote and fund, through the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, the stable association of research groups from research centres, in the diverse modalities of Networked Collaborative Research (Centres for Networked Biomedical Research and Thematic Networks for Collaborative Health Research), to provide a strong scientific foundation to the programs and policies of the National Health System in the priority areas of the National Plan R+D+I.

  • To build large and stable translational Research Centres, of multidisciplinary and pluri-institutional nature, where basic, clinical, and population research will be integrated, in order to develop a single common research program, focused on certain pathologies that are relevant to the National Health System, either for their prevalence or for being considered strategic because of their social impact.

The goals of these stable structures for Collaborative Research will be within the priority areas framework of the National Plan for Scientific Investigation, Development, and Technological Innovation for the period 2004-2007 and the Health Sector Initiative. Financial aids under this order will be governed by Law 38/2003, of 17th November, pertaining to Grants, as well as their development regulations, along with all other administrative law. All financial aids, envisaged for consortia with legal personality, constituted by the Centres for Networked Biomedical Research (CIBER), will be regulated according to that stated in the agreement formalised for the purpose of their constitution, according to that stated in Article 5.2 of General Law of Grants.

A CIBER is a research consortium, with legal personality, without physical contiguity, whose purpose is of monographic research on a given pathology or health condition, defined in a broad context.


CIBERNED will be made up by research groups from different Administrations and Institutions, along with the Autonomous Communities, that pass the evaluation to which they will be subjected, both on the quality assessment of the research groups and on the relevance of the research lines being developed or to be developed within the thematic area of the neurodegenerative diseases CIBER.

CIBERNED represents a commitment to the development of high-quality collaborative and translational research. Both the organization and the proposed funding model are designed to achieve research of proven scientific excellence, and to develop key areas in experimental neurology.
The RESOLUTION of 30th March 2006, of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, by which financial aids aimed at funding stable structures for collaborative research in the biomedicine and health sciences area are announced, states under paragraph 4.3 that:

“To help to manage the financial aid allocated to fund stable structures for Collaborative Research in the thematic area of neurodegenerative diseases, a state public-sector foundation, the Neurological Diseases Research Foundation (CIEN Foundation), will act as collaboration entity, and for that purpose a collaboration agreement between the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and the foundation will be signed, under which the terms and responsibilities assumed by the foundation will be stated. The Agreement's content will be in accordance with that stated under Article 16, paragraph 3, of the General Law of Grants.”